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We offer fresh Poinsettia Plants for Hanukkah and Poinsettia Day! Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated in December. A fast that occurs for eight days, it commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. Flowers are used to decorate the Chuppah, which is a wedding canopy, and a Menorah is lit to symbolize the miracle of oil lasting eight days instead of one. The most commonly used flowers are Poinsettias, which are often used on Hanukkah to commemorate the victory of Judah Maccabee over Syria and its king Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

Poinsettia Day

Poinsettia Day will be celebrated on December 12th which is the traditional day. The International Society of Poinsettia Growers (ISPG) was formed to promote the cultivation and marketing of poinsettias in North America and has grown into an international organization with members from around the world. It has a website with information about poinsettias as well as their annual convention held each year at different locations across North America where growers come together for business meetings and educational workshops that focus on topics related to growing these plants successfully in different climates around globe such as Hawaii or Florida versus California where most people think they only grow outdoors.

However, actually it has been determined that Poinsettias do better indoors under lights year round if conditions permit it such as being able to keep temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit while also providing enough light so they can produce flowers every day during spring/summer months when days are longer than nights so there is no need worrying about having plenty sunlight anymore like old days when people used grow them outdoors then bring inside when autumn comes around because too cold outside nowadays anyway due climate change affecting weather patterns worldwide.

To keep your poinsettia looking beautiful throughout the season, you should know how long to keep your Hanukkah plant outside before bringing it back inside. Below are some tips:

  • Bring it back inside before the first frost.
  • Keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep it away from drafts and heaters.
  • Do not put your poinsettia near a fireplace or wood stove, as they can dry out your plant quickly and cause damage to its leaves (the same goes for placing it near an open window).
  • Make sure that all pets–especially cats! stay away from your poinsettia! This is because cats love eating plants; if they get their paws on yours, you may not have anything left by Christmas Eve! Also make sure children do not play with or touch your holiday bloomer; this will also prevent any accidents from occurring during the holidays when everyone is rushing around trying to find last-minute gifts for loved ones!
  • If you want to keep your poinsettia healthy and fresh, do not forget to water it. You should also check the soil every few days and replace it with new potting soil if needed.
  • When you store your poinsettia, be sure not to overcrowd it or put any part of it near something that could make it rot such as leather or wood furniture. The plant needs a large container with good drainage and plenty of room for air circulation. Do not put the plant near anything that might cause water damage (like a window).
  • If you do not have a large enough container or space for the plant, you can grow it in a pot. Just be sure that the pot has plenty of drainage holes in its bottom so that water doesn’t collect there and cause root rot. If your poinsettia is in a pot, be sure to use a container with drainage holes in the bottom.


Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated in December. It commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred after Judah Maccabee and his brothers defeated their Seleucid Greek rulers. The eight-day celebration begins on 25 Kislev (which falls between Nov 29th and Dec 5th). The first day of Hanukkah is called “Chanuka,” or “Hannuka.” During this time, Jews light candles each night as an act of worshiping God by showing gratitude for His miracles.

Hanukkah is also called the Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication. The first night of Hanukkah is considered a minor holiday in Judaism. It is customary to eat fried foods such as doughnuts and potato pancakes during Hanukkah. Jews also celebrate by lighting the menorah, a special candelabrum used in ancient times to light oil lamps in the Temple. The menorah has nine branches, and each branch is topped with an olive-shaped bowl or cup known as a “Shamir”.

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that begins at sundown on the first day of Hanukkah and lasts for eight days. It commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred around 165 B.C.E., after Judah Maccabee and his followers defeated those who had defiled it with pagan idols. Hanukkah is observed by Jews all over the world, but non-Jews can also participate in this fast by eating foods traditionally prepared during this time period, such as potato pancakes or jelly doughnuts.

The Hanging of the Greens and the Wassailing is another tradition that many people associate with Christmas. The hanging of greens is an ancient custom, dating back to ancient Rome, when Christians would decorate their homes with laurel leaves in honor of Saturnalia. They also used evergreen boughs because these were believed to have magical properties that would protect them from evil spirits. The Wassailing custom is related to the hanging of greens. It is a tradition that dates back to pre-Christian times and is believed to have originated in ancient Rome. The word “Wassail” comes from the Anglo-Saxon “waes hael,” meaning good health, which was drunk during celebrations.


Poinsettias are beautiful flowers for Hannukah and can be used to decorate your home during the complete holiday season. They come in many colors and varieties, so there is sure to be one that matches your taste and decorating style! We invite you to visit us online or instore to browse our wonderful selection of Poinsettias!



Samantha Rose Designs Offers Poinsettia Plants for Christmas, Hanukkah and Poinsettia Day

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Samantha Rose Designs is a full-service florist offering same-day flower delivery in Roswell and all surrounding suburban communities. We offer the best selection of fresh flowers, plants and occasion themed gifts in the city. Our firm has been serving the community for many years. Our design center is located at 2365 Windy Hill Rd SE, near the intersection of I-75 and I-285. The perfect location to provide same-day delivery to Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell and all metro area suburbs. The phone number for our flower shop is (678) 486-7200. We are open Monday through Saturday, closed on Sundays.

Roswell Georgia is a wonderful city that is full of history, culture, and natural beauty. The city is located in northern Georgia, near Atlanta, and has been a popular destination for visitors since the late 1800s. Many people come to Roswell Georgia for the historical sites like the Roswell Mill Village and downtown area, which is full of antique shops and restaurants. There is also plenty to do outdoors with hiking trails, fishing spots, and even an 18-hole golf course!

This beautiful community is located in North Fulton County, Georgia. It’s known for its gorgeous, thriving downtown area, which has been designated as an historic district. It’s also home to some of the most delicious restaurants in the entire state of Georgia, including one that’s been named “the best breakfast spot in America.” The city is located about 20 minutes from the Chattahoochee National Forest and about 30 minutes from Atlanta. The weather in Roswell Georgia is pretty mild year-round with temperatures averaging about 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months (June through August) and about 40 degrees in the winter (December through February).

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