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Discover the Beauty of Our Flowers. They are Fresh, Customizable, and Sustainable. As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches, it is time to celebrate his legacy with something truly special. Embellishing this poignant occasion with an array of vibrant and meaningful blossoms not only honors this important day but also conveys deep respect and thoughtful reflection. If you are looking for the freshest, most customizable, and eco-responsible floral options, look no further. Our MLK Day Floral Products offer all that, capped with an array of endearing arrangements perfect for this dignified remembrance or any significant occasion.

Freshness and Quality

Fresh flowers can communicate a message in a way words cannot, encapsulating emotions within their delicate petals. That is why we uphold the highest standards of quality and freshness. Our blooms are picked at the peak of their beauty and handled with the utmost care to ensure they arrive at your doorstep radiant and robust. Each petal, each stem, each leaf stands testament to our unwavering dedication to presenting you with a product that’s nothing short of perfection.

Wide Selection of Flower Types
Our diverse assortment of flowers echoes the diversity and richness of Dr. King’s dream for humanity. From classic roses symbolizing love and gratitude to exotic lilies reflecting purity and renewal, we have curated a variety that caters to every preference and occasion. This diversity allows you to find the perfect expression of your sentiments, whether it’s a powerful statement with bold colors or a subtle declaration with soft hues.

Customizable Arrangements

Your message is unique, and your floral arrangement should be too. With our customizable options, you can craft an arrangement that speaks from your heart. Choose from our range of styles to suit the mood – from elegant vases to rustic baskets. Our expert florists combine artistry with passion to create tailor-made designs that breathe life into your heartfelt gestures.

Fast and Reliable Delivery Service

Urgency and care are what define our delivery service. Recognizing that these floral tributes carry significant emotional weight, especially on such an auspicious occasion as MLK Day, we guarantee that your flowers will arrive at their destination promptly and in pristine condition. The appreciation from our clientele, evident in their glowing testimonials, underscores our commitment to delivering more than just flowers— we deliver joy and comfort.

Sustainable Sourcing and Packaging

In our pursuit of beauty, we do not forsake our responsibility to the environment. We are very proud to practice sustainable sourcing and use eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that while our flowers bring light into your life, they do not cast a shadow on our planet. By choosing us, you’re not only commemorating MLK Day with grace but also contributing to a greener earth.


Make MLK Day and all your special moments unforgettable with our exceptional blooms—where every flower tells a story of freshness, diversity, personal touch, and a commitment to a sustainable future. Order now and let our flowers convey the essence of beauty, memory, and hope. Do not let your message be fleeting; let it flourish with our MLK Day floral collection. Experience the unparalleled fusion of beauty and responsibility today.



Samantha Rose Designs Offers Caring and Fresh Multi-Occasion Products Including Perfect MLK Day Floral Products

Samantha Rose Designs has been serving customers in the Atlanta area for more than 30 years. We operate a large floral design center near the intersection of I-75 and I-285. Our customer showroom is being fully renovated. Should be open very soon for in-store shopping. The floral design staff at Samantha Rose is one of the best in the area. They create luxurious, upscale floral bouquets. Our delivery team is experienced and highly professional. The scale of our design and delivery operation far exceeds that of other flower shops operating in the Atlanta area. We serve our own local customers, while also providing design and delivery services for national florists who also seek to serve customers in the Atlanta market.

Every floral bouquet we design, and deliver is backed by our on-time delivery and customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the floral arrangement that we have created for you, simply contact our flower shop. We will replace that arrangement with one of equal or greater value, and redeliver it, free of charge. Need to send flowers to someone outside of the greater Atlanta metro area? We can take care of that for you via our nationwide same-day flower delivery service. All nationwide deliveries are backed by our on-time delivery guarantee.

MLK Flowers



Bouquet themed to serve many different occasions.


This beautiful fresh flower bouquet features alstroemeria, stunning pink roses, orange roses and so much more.



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